Absentee Bidding for the 2018 Annual Grand Banquet

SCI Treasure Valley will accept live auction bids from people who cannot attend the 2018 Annual Grand Banquet. The following outlines the procedure:

  • The interested bidder contacts the Chapter’s Absentee Bidding Representative (currently John Pearson @ [208] 936-4010) a minimum of two (2) days prior to the auction by telephone providing him with the item(s) you wish to bid on, the maximum amount you desire to bid and a valid credit card number that will be used if you are the successful bidder.
  • The Absentee Bidding Representative will either bid for you, or will assign bidding responsibilities to one of the Chapter Board Members, should two or more persons request absentee bids on the same item. Regardless of who bid for you, they will act in your behalf.  The Representative or Board Member will start the bidding low and competitively bid up to the maximum amount you have indicated at which time they will stop bidding on your behalf.
  • The assignment that is given to the Absentee Bidding Representative will be confidential thereby precluding the opportunity for another to bid the price up just to have you pay more.
  • If the donor has set a minimum bid, and should the you be the successful bidder with an amount under the minimum; we will adjust your bid to $50.00 above the minimum set bid therefore providing the donor with their required amount, obtaining the auction item for you at the lowest cost, with the $50.00 offsetting the credit card charges incurred by the Chapter. All winning bids are final.
  • The bidder’s credit card will only be charged after the auction if you are the successful bidder.
  • If you are the successful bidder you will be notified by mail with the information sent to you.
  • If you are bidding on a merchandise item; shipping charges, and appropriate insurance, will be added to the total amount based on actual cost.
  • The Chapter does not charge a fee for the above service.

“The Treasure Valley Chapter, SCI reserves the right to add, delete, modify or change any offering or offerings prior to the auction”.

SCI Treasure Valley